Experience the Apte effect: an exclusive concept for optimal training and results that defy time!

Apte Fitness: in a class of its own

Canada-exclusive, modern and luxurious facilities, top-of-the-line equipment with state-of-the-art technology, optimized occupancy thanks to a limited number of memberships, 24/7 access, etc.

Apte Fitness is, without question, the best fitness center in Quebec!

Sac de sport, bouteille et chaussettes Apte Fitness

Apte Fitness is first and foremost a team of expert coaches, who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in a healthy and optimal way, with complete confidence.

Wait no longer! Join the community of Apte Fitness members, passionate people motivated to become the best version of themselves in every sphere of their lives!

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Why go to this gym?

The Apte Fitness training center:

for an exclusive and efficient experience!

At Apte Fitness, we've thought of everything to make your life easier, to provide you with the most enjoyable and motivating training experience, and to show you that you too can rise to the challenge of success!

Self-service kiosk


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Self-service kiosk

Would you like to register to the gym, book an information session with a trainer or buy a daily access pass? Do it in just a few minutes at our self-service kiosk, 24/7!

Shake and smoothie bar


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Shake and smoothie bar

Our self-service machine gives you 24/7 access to a wide selection of delicious, fresh smoothies to enjoy before or after your workout. Make the most of it!

Boutique Apte to Go


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Boutique Apte to Go

Come and enjoy the revolutionary Apte to Go self-service experience, a 100% intelligent store offering a huge variety of the best products!

Cardio equipment


/ 8

Cardio equipment

Open at all times, our cardio section features top-of-the-range equipment that will optimize your results and propel you to the next level.

Resistance machines


/ 8

Resistance machines

Our selection of body-building equipment includes the best brands on the market, which you won't find anywhere else, for an optimal workout.

Functional training


/ 8

Functional training

The Apte zone offers you a quality functional training area with everything you need to strengthen and tone your muscles, and push back your limits!

Free weights


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Free weights

Take advantage of the largest selection of free weights in Quebec, and choose from a variety of weights from 5 to 200 lbs, all of which meet the highest quality standards!

Changing rooms


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Changing rooms

Forget padlocks and keys! Our luxurious locker rooms feature smart lockers to keep your belongings safe during your workout.

The Apte Fitness application

A great tracking tool in the palm of your hand!


Exercise videos

Customized plans

3D images

Dashboard, statistics

Our exclusive app brings together everything you need to support you on your journey to the best version of yourself! You can also track your progress day by day and stay in touch with your trainer, and even book an appointment with him or her at any time.

Services available with or without gym membership

Propel you towards the best version of yourself

Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, maintain a healthy weight, develop healthy lifestyle habits or optimize your well-being, your path to success starts here! Our team is here to help you reach your goal and support you by offering you all the services you need, whatever your fitness level, with or without a gym membership!

Apte to Go

Our boutique is accessible 24/7 for all our members. Enjoy a variety of exceptional products and unparalleled ease of use!


They chose themselves!

We're passionate about helping you achieve your goals! Seeing our customers transform their bodies and minds, achieve a superior quality of life and push their limits without ever losing the results they've achieved is our pride and joy.

See more transformations
Transformation Apte avant/après
Transformation Apte avant/après

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Testimonials that speak volumes about the Apte effect

" I'm a mother of three and in April 2020, I asked Simon Ducharme for help in getting my life back on track. I didn't feel good about myself because I was overweight and preferred to stay at home. The beginning of my experience wasn't easy, but every day I saw the numbers go down on the scale. Simon always kept encouraging me. I'm currently down 40 lbs and I'm really proud of it. I haven't quite reached my goal, but I'm motivated not to stop, especially when I see the photos of myself 7 months ago. The thing that makes me most proud is when people around me notice and compliment me. Above all, I can wear clothes that I like and that make me feel comfortable with my body.


" This is the place to go to benefit from a coaching service, whether it's simply for nutrition and/or training. I've been with Coach Alex for a year now and he's always available to answer questions or even make changes to plans as we need them.

In my opinion, this is one of the best coaching teams for achieving your goals optimally and at your own pace! "


"With Alex, I'm not disappointed. I've lost a huge amount in a month and it's still going on. He listens, answers my questions and concerns, adapts my plans according to my needs, requests and food tastes!

He's great and you can't go wrong: you'll get results. It also helps you stay motivated!"


" Super good service. Simon really listens to our objectives. He answers our questions quickly. Super good coach, I recommend him.

Thank you, Simon."

Katy and Martin

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